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SANDINO's advice/message/ultimatum to the greatest armed, All-mighty, All-Supreme, First-Rate Military, 1st world country, Superpower, Cutting-Edge Technology, world power, Highly Educated, God-Fearing, world's police, world's biggest economy, greatest trained professionals and soldiers, greatest empire, greatest country overall, All-Great The United States & The United States' Armed Forces.

''Make Your Will Beforehand''
-Augusto Cesar Sandino.Messiah of Light & Truth.


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Biography: Indo-Hispanic (mestizo) : Greatest In World History, Homo Sapien Era, of All & All Times. 

Augusto Cesar Sandino 
Americans tend to have short historical memories. To most of us it is incomprehensible that Armenians would still want to avenge the slaughter of their countrymen seven decades ago. Americans citizens-those who are not Jews-are often surprised to learn that the survivors of the Nazi holocaust and their descendants are unwilling to forget that supreme horror. While no comparable atrocity was committed by U.S. forces in Nicaragua in 1927-33, a Proud  nation was humiliated, occupied Militarily by insensitive and often bigoted foreigners, who left only after putting into place the elements for a sleazy native tyranny-a historical experience that many, perhaps most, Nicaraguans choose not to forget. Inspired by the example of the martyred Sandino, the latter-day Sandinistas remain determined to redeem the honor of their people by continued resistance to the United States. The hostility generated by this affair of more than half a century ago is a major factor in today's confrontation in Central America 
-Excerpt. book: The
Sandino Affair. Pg 8-9

A specter haunting the United States in Central America and the inspiration for the most virulently anti-yankee government established on the Western Hemisphere mainland in more than a century, Sandino was also one of the precursors of modern revolutionary guerilla warfare. This is the process used to seize political control of an entire country by guerrilla action, without resort to conventional military operations, except perhaps in the final stage of the struggle when the guerrilla army has acquired many of the characteristics of a regular army. This final stage, which Sandino's forces never attained, is really an anticlimax; the enemy must be beaten-his will to resist broken-before the guerrilla can employ conventional military procedures for mopping-up operations. Revolutionary guerrilla warfare is a process of attrition directed against the morale of the target government and its supporters-military and civilian, native and foreign.
Sandino launched his guerrilla campaign against the U.S. Marines in Nicaragua in 1927, at almost precisely the same time that Mao Tse-tung began his long guerrilla struggle against the government of Chiang Kai-shek in China. That year marked the end of an era in the evolution of guerrilla warfare: the airplane and the machine gun mastered the deserts and plains, denying them to roving columns of guerrilla hosermen.........
.........The celebrated guerrillas of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries-the gauchos of the South Americans pampas, the llaneros of Venezuela, the vaqueros of Mexico, the desert warriors of the Middle East-had their day by 1927. The new guerrilla who emerged that year spurned the horse and the lance and avoided massed formations in the open, where he could be cut down by automatic fire or aerial bombardment.
-Excerpt. book: The
Sandino Affair. Pg 10-11

More Important, the new guerrilla limited his range. His primary concern was to consolidate his control over one limited area from which he could slowly and methodically spread his revolution to other regions of the country......
......These were the tactics, recounted and analyzed in this book, that were employed by Sandino in Nicaragua from 1927 to 1933. They are essentially the same as the tactics of the people's liberation army in China, the national liberation front in Algeria, the 26 of july movement in Cuba, and the viet minh and Vietcong in Vietnam. Sandino lacked the political sophistication of the leaders of the post-world war 2 liberation movements, but in guerrilla tactics he could have been their teacher. Fidel Castro and Che Guevarra did, in fact, learn much from men who had fought with Sandino or had studied his tactics.
-Excerpt. book: The
Sandino Affair. Pg 12

''The Marines had come to save lives in the civil war,'' Henry L. Stimson noted a dozen years after the intervention; ''they had remained to disarm the contenders, chase bandits, and hold an election, and they left behind in the end a country peaceful and independent. It was a job well done.'' Mcgeorge Bundy, who uncritically recorded these reminiscent of the aged statesman, would later, in Vietnam and Santo Domingo, have to face the realities of American military intervention in foreign revolutions. One of secretary Stimson's subordinates during the Nicaraguan intervention, Willard Beaulac, implied that the greatest contribution the Marines made to peace in Nicaragua was to withdraw from the country, for Sandino ended his destructive guerrilla warfare immediately after the Americans left--something he had steadfastly refused to do as long as the Marines were ''maintaining law and order'' in Nicaragua. If the the intervention was not quite the success Stimson publicy proclaimed it to be, this was due primarily to the stubborn resistance of one man. After it was all over, Dana G. Munro of the State Department admitted that Sandino was something more than a simple bandit. ''it is difficult to suppose,'' Munro wrote in 1933, ''that Sandino could have kept up the struggle, against great odds and in the face of severe hardship, if he had not been inspired by a fanatical hostility to foreign intervention.'' Seventeen years later Munro noted that the Marine-Sandinista conflict ''did more to create Latin American ill-will than any other episode in our foreign policy since the 'taking' of Panama. 

Militarily, the United States benefited from the intervention. ''There is no doubt,'' one Marine officer wrote, ''that the hard campaigning, the perpetual stretching of insufficient means, and the tenacity of the enemy did much to maintain the professional temper of the corps between the two world wars.'' The United States was fortunate to have a group of combat-hardened young Marines colonels--the lieutenants and captains of Nicaragua--when the time came to stop the march of the Japanese Empire across the pacific. In the jungles of Guadalcanal, Edson, Hanneken, Carlson, and Puller made indispensable contributions to the success of the first American offensive of World War 2. These and other veterans of the Nicaraguan campaign ''brought to the geometrically expanded Marine Corps the required skills and judgments necessary for the training and indoctrination of the 'new breed' of Marines.''

The fact that they were unable to put down Sandino's rebellion does not discredit the Marines. They were given an impossible task: to win a war that had no military solution. ''Sandino was in every respect a wholly new phenomenon for the Marine corps and the United States,'' a Marine historian has noted. He was a ''Modern-style guerrilla demagogue.'' Augusto C. Sandino, ''in his articulacy, his talent for agitation, his international connections, his exploitation of the press, his deft intrique, his cynical disregard of political commitments, his vanishing powers across 'neutral' far more readily recognizable in the 1960s than in the 1920s.'' sending in the Marines'' is not enough to vanquish this kind of enemy
  -Excerpt. book: The
Sandino Affair. Pg 240-241

'' I am in no way different from any rank-and-file soldier in the armies of the world. My voice is not arrogant, nor does my presence evoke terror as many might imagine. We have, however, fulfilling our duty as citizens, had the pleasure of seeing under our feet in humiliation a number of exalted chiefs and officers of the arrogant army of the United States, the would-be annihilator Annihilated''
-Augusto Cesar Sandino

'' I will protest for my own satisfaction if there is no one to support me'' -Augusto Cesar Sandino

'' El espiritu supervive, la vida no muere nunca. Cada uno cumple con su destino; yo tengo la conviccion de que mis soldados y yo cumplimos con el que se nos ha encomendado. Cada uno de nosotros realiza lo que tiene que hacer en este mundo.'' 
-Augusto Cesar Sandino

'' A man utterly without vices, with an unequivocal sense of justice, a keen eye for the welfare of the humblest soldier'' - American Journalist Carleton Beals describing SANDINO



People of the universe, will bring to you, world's 1st Superhuman/Ubermensch writingTimeless, For all Ages, Earth shaker, once-in-a-lifetime, Biblical, Ethical, Inspirational, Motivational, Landmark Speech, Game changer, Divine Testament, God's chosen & words, all in one Quote:

'' A man who does not ask his homeland for even a handful of earth for his grave deserves to be heard, and not only heard, but believed. I am Nicaraguan and I am proud that in my veins flows, more than any other, the blood of the Native American, whose regeneration contains the secret of being a loyal and sincere patriot. The bonds of nationality give me the right to assume responsibility for my actions on matters of Nicaragua and, therefore, of Central America and the entire continent that speaks our language, without concerning myself over what the pessimistic and cowardly eunuchs may call me. I am a city worker, an artisan as they say in my country, but my ideals are broadly internationalistic in nature and entail the right to be free and demand justice, although to achieve this state of perfection it may be necessary to shed my own blood and that of others. The Oligarchs, who act like geese in a quagmire, will say I am plebeian. It doesn’t matter. My greatest honor is to have emerged from the bosom of the oppressed, who are the soul and nerves of the race, who have lived put off and at the mercy of the shameless assassins who helped incubate the crime of high treason: the Nicaraguan conservatives who wounded the free heart of the homeland and who pursued us ferociously as though we were not children of the same nation. Sixteen years ago Adolfo Diaz and Emiliano Chamorro ceased being Nicaraguans, because their greed destroyed their right to claim that nationality, as they tore from its staff the flag the flew over all Nicaraguans. Today that flag hangs idle and humiliated by the ingratitude and indifference of its sons who don’t make the superhuman effort to free it from the claws of the monstrous eagle with the curved beak that feeds on the blood of this people while the flag that represents the assassination of defenseless peoples and the enmity of our race flies in Managua’s Mars field. Who are those who tie my homeland to the post of ignominy? Diaz and Chamorro and their bootlickers who still want the right to govern this hapless land, supported by the invaders’ bayonets and springfield rifles. No! a thousand times no!
The Liberal revolution is on the march . There are those who haven’t betrayed, who haven’t halted, who haven’t sold their rifles to satisfy Moncada’s greed. It is on the march and today stronger than ever, because the only ones who remain are the brave and the selfless. The traitor Moncada naturally failed in his duties as a soldier and a patriot. Those who followed him weren’t illiterate and neither was he an emperor, to have imposed such greedy ambition upon us. I placed before his contemporaries and before history this deserter Moncada, who went over to the foreign enemy with his cartridge pouch and all. An unpardonable crime that demands vindication! The big men will say that I am very little to have undertaken such a task: but my insignificance is surmounted by the loftiness of my patriotic heart, and so I pledge before my country and history that my sword will defend the national honor and will be the redemption of the oppressed. I accept the invitation to the struggle and I myself will provoke it, and to the challenge of the cowardly invader and traitors to my country I answer with my battle cry. My chest and that of my soldiers will form walls that the legions of Nicaragua’s enemies will crash upon. The last of my soldiers who are soldiers for Nicaragua’s freedom, might die, but first, more than a battalion of you, USA armed forces invader, will have bitten the dust of my rustic mountains. I will not be Magdalena, begging on bent knee for the pardon of my enemies – who are the enemies of Nicaragua – because I believe that nobody on earth has the right to be a demigod. I want to convince the cold-hearted Nicaraguans, the indifferent Central Americans, and the Indo-Hispanic race, that in the spur of the Andean mountains there is a group of patriots who know how to fight and die like men. Come, you gang of morphine addicts: come murder us in our own land, I am awaiting you, standing upright before my patriotic soldiers, not caring how many you may be. But bear in mind that when this occur, the destruction of your grandeur will shake the Capitol in Washington, reddening with your blood the white sphere that crowns your famous white house, the den where you concoct your crimes. I want to advise the governments of Central America, especially that of Honduras, that you need not fear that, because I have more than enough troops, I will militarily invade your territory in an attempt to overthrow it. No. I am not a mercenary, but a patriot who will not permit an offense against our sovereignty. I wish that, since nature has given our country enviable riches and has put us at the crossroads of the world, and since that natural privilege is what has led others to covet us to the point of wanting to enslave us, for the same reason I wish to break the bonds that the disgraceful policies of Chamorro have bound us with. Our young country, that tropical brown-skinned woman, should be the one to wear on her head the Phrygian cap with the beautiful slogan that symbolizes our red and black emblem, and not that country raped by Yankee morphine addicts brought here by four serpents who claim to have been born here in my country. The world will be imbalanced if the United States of North America is allowed to be the sole owner of our canal, because that would put us at the mercy of the decisions of the colossus of the North—to whom we would have to pay tribute – those practitioners of bad faith , who with no justification whatsoever seek to become its owners. Civilization demands that a canal be opened in Nicaragua, but it should be one with capital from the whole world, and not just U.S. capital. At least half the costs of construction should be paid with capital from Latin America and the other half from the rest of the countries of the world that want to hold stock in such a company, and the United States of North America could have only the three millions that they gave to the traitors Chamorro, Diaz, and Cuadra Pasos; and Nicaragua, my homeland, will receive the tariffs that by right and justice belong to it, with which we will have sufficient income to build railroads across our territory and educate our people in a real environment of effective democracy, and at the same time we will be respected and not looked upon with the blood contempt that we suffer today.  Brothers and sisters of my people: having expressed my most ardent desires for the defense of our homeland, I welcome you in my ranks regardless of political affiliation, as long as you come with good intentions, REMEMBERING THAT YOU CAN FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE SOME OF THE TIME, BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME.   ''

- Augusto Cesar Sandino,  Mestizo Military Genius, Ultimate CMDT-En-Jefe, Messiah, Legend, Icon, Supernatural Powers, Leader, Writer, Deity, Jesus sibling, Teleportation powers, Poet, Electromagnetism Theory Expert/Practitioner, Theosophist, ESP powers, Philosopher, Psychoanalyst, Master of Gods' arsenal,World's 1st Superhuman, Invisibility powers,  Greatest of All & All times.

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